Mixed Media  


*SOLD* "Blooming Tulip"

"Big Pink Dildo Energy"

*SOLD* Commissioned piece made for Valentine's Day

"The Center"

*SOLD* First part of my two part series "Anxiety" framed *Sold*

*SOLD* "Pray For Pussy"

*SOLD* "Painted Face"


*SOLD* "Blue Planet"

"Eye of the Vulva"

Riverside Arts Center YpsiNow Exhibit

"Praise Pussy"

*SOLD* "Illumipounani"

*SOLD* "The Perfect Storm"

*SOLD* "The Perfect Calm"

"Interlock" 11" X 14"

"Cette Vie Mysterieuse" 8" X 10"

*SOLD* "Hive Mind"

"I Heart Pussy" 11" X 14"

"Vacancy" 8" X 10"

*SOLD* "Soulful"

"The Mask We Live In" 8" X 10"

"Ravenous Flower" 8" X 10"

"NebulEYE" 11" X 14"

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