MissAnthropeArt is my passion project. It's a platform for me to express myself as an artist in an empowering and sexually liberated space. 

First off, let’s start with the name. In ancient Greek, “Anthrope” translates to human, which, in this case, indicates my artist name as “Miss Human”. Spot on for an artistic brand that aims to connect individuals to their humanity, right? 

I believe art should be raw, unadulterated, and provocative. I believe it should stir and unsettle, but more so I believe it should further actualize the self.

In my life, throughout every trauma and every obstacle i’ve encountered, i’ve found solace and escape in art. For me, to be able to take what i’m feeling, expel it, and immortalize it on a canvas, is incredibly liberating. Every one of my pieces is hurt, or happiness given form. It’s rooted in a part of me, and dismissed as a means of self healing. 

That said, some themes you’ll see in my work are abstraction, fluidity, and at the same time rigidness. I’ll use contrasting colors and shapes or juxtapose bright with muted all to invoke a feeling of chaos and unpredictability. 

When I’m creating, nine times out of ten it comes back to mental health, human sexuality (as it pertains to womanhood), or the occult, but the super neat thing about art is you don’t need to have my same mindset to enjoy the finished product. I may see one thing, and you may see something entirely different. Roll with whatever comes naturally, i’m not trying to dictate your perspective. Just make sure to ask yourself why. Why do you see what you see? Why do you feel how you do? Are you offended? Elated? Apathetic? Where is it all coming from? 

 At the end of the day, why you see what you do doesn’t really effect me, but it does you... and that’s important.

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